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Lottie O'Neill

It Has Been A Very Busy Month, Since Launching Lottie Loves Luxe And I Realise I Have Not Been As On It As I Had Originally Planned In Terms Of Blogging!

So Here, I Am And I Can’t Even Begin To Tell You How Excited I Am To Share My Journey With You Through The Life With Lottie Blog. From All Thing’s Lifestyle, Music, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Advice… And Of Course Not To Forget Lingerie… You Name It, I Want To Share My Adventures With You And As You May Or May Not Know My Aim Is To Build A Strong Community Of Women, Promoting Body Confidence And Positivity Through My Love Of Lingerie With The Lottie Loves Luxe Lingerie Boutique.

To Kick Off My Second Blog Post, I Wanted To Talk To You A Bit About Mental Health, Confidence And Following Your Heart With What You Want To Achieve In Life. It Has Taken Me Almost Three Years To Set-Up My Business, Lottie Loves Luxe And It Has Been One Of The Most Stressful, Yet Most Rewarding Things I Have Done To Date. Starting Up My Business Really Took Me Out Of My Comfort Zone. In All Honesty, Up To 1 Week Before My Launch I Was Suffering Majorly With My Anxiety And Depression And Was Struggling To Feel Any Kind Of Positivity In Myself And When People Would Say To Me, “Charlie, It’s Amazing What You Are Doing!” I Didn’t’ Believe What They Were Saying, Mainly Because Over The Last Few Years I Lost All Confidence In Who I Was, Where My Life Was Going, I Felt Pretty Worthless. I’m A Very Good Actress, Even In Front Of Close Friends And Family. Launching Lottie Loves Luxe Was Supposed To Be The Best Moment In My Life, But When You Are Suffering, These Feelings And Negative Thoughts Don’t Go Away Easily. I Mean We’ve All Been There And We All Deal With Things Differently And For Me It’s Still A Work In Progress.

So, I Decided To Get Up And Do Something About It, My Main Motivation Being To Make A Change, The Feeling Of Waking Up And My Life Being On Repeat With A 9-5 Job Is Just Not For Me. I’m Creative And Hate Being Sat Down At My Desk All Day. I Also Like Responsibility, I Love A Challenge And Hate Every Day Being The Same. Life Can Be Difficult As We All Need To Pay Bills, So Often We End Up Trapped In A Life We Never Envisioned For Ourselves.

I See So Many People Around Me Unhappy With How Their Lives Are Panning Out, Wishing They’d Gone For That Big Career Change, Found The Courage To Meet That One Person They Had A Connection With And Even Down To The Simple Things Like Heading Out To That Fitness Class, Life’s Too Short To Be Miserable… Sound Like You? I Did Just This By Putting Off My Singing Career, Turning Down Many Great Opportunities… All I Can Say Is, Take That Opportunity, Who Knows Where It Could Lead. Now’s Your Chance To Make That Change.

One Day Something Just Clicked In My Head When Launching My Business. This Was All Me, All My Hard Work, Sleepless Nights, And Tears And I’m Going To Take This Moment To Give Myself A Pat On The Back (Which I Never Do) And Say To Myself, ‘Well Done Girl, Now Let’s Continue Making Change And Grab Every Opportunity Like It’s Your Last.

Hopefully This Blog Post Will Resonate With Those Of You In Similar Situations Or To Those Of You Trying To Start Up Your Own Business, Not Knowing Whether Your Making A Huge Mistake, Whether You Should Take That Job Opportunity, Or Even If You Feel Like You Have No One To Talk To, Reach Out, Just Don’t Suffer In Silence. Just Because Your Struggling With Your Mental Health, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Move Forward And Achieve Your Dreams.

I Love To Write And For The Last Year I’ve Lacked Any Creative Thought Process When It Comes To My Writing, Mainly Because I Have Not Been Confident Enough To Put Pen To Paper After My Redundancies From The World Of Lifestyle Magazines, Which I Do Love By The Way!

Anyway, Today Is Quite A Big Day For Me, As I Write This, And I Am Starting To Feel The Buzz I Used To Get From Writing. Life’s Hard, So Let’s Share Our Experiences Together. You Will Also Learn That I Like To Ramble On, So I’m Going To End It Hear And I Look Forward To Sharing My Next Post With You!

Lots Of Love



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