Bras or Bralettes? What Do You Prefer?

Bras or Bralettes Blog post - Lottie Loves Luxe

This Really Is A Tricky One! The Truth Is… I May Be Sitting On The Fence With This Particular Topic, As I Love Both. For Everyday Life I Love A Bralette Or Sometimes Even A Sports Bra. When Going Out For An Evening Where I May Be Wearing A Dress Or A Lower Cut Top, I Like To Have A Little Lift, So The Trusted Bra Is Always My Go To Option! But Comfort Is Key And Bralettes Are Becoming Even More Popular These Days! At Lottie Loves Luxe We Offer A Wide Range Of Both To Suit All Tastes.

If You Are Not Yet Familiar With Opting For A Bralette Or Maybe You Hate Wearing A Normal Moulded Bra, Then Below Are A Few Pros And Cons From Wearing Both.

And… One Really Important Point Thing I Would Like To Mention About Bralettes… Don’t Be Afraid If You Have A Larger Cup Size To Give Them A Try, Because I Did And I’m A 32E/32F And Depending On The Style I Just Love Them For Everyday Wear! I Don’t Feel Restricted With My Movement And I Don’t Ruin My Best Bras As Easily Because I’m Simply Not Over Wearing Them! And Lady’s We Do All Have One Trusted Bra That We Go To! Even I Admit That!

So Firstly What Is A Bralette?

A Bralette Is First And Foremost A Type Of Bra. The “Lette” At The End Of The Word Bra, Also Known As “Let” By Some Brands, Simply Means Smaller, Petite, Or Less Bra. I Like To Think Of It As The Sibling Of The Standard Bra. A Bralette Is All About An Easy To Wear, Comfortable Option, That Can Be Worn Every Day And This Changes A Lot Of Things For People In How We Move, Feel And How We Style What We Wear. I Always Say That What We Wear Underneath Our Clothes Is Where The Confidence Begins. Our Underwear Plays An Important Part In A Woman’s Wardrobe! Believe Me!

Bralettes Are Often Wire Free And Are Often Designed With A Sense Of Fashion Over Function. I Love How Creative Designers Can Get With Bralettes And The Use Of A Unique Fabric, Meaning They Can Work Perfectly With An Open Back Top Or Dress.

So Here Are My Thoughts With Some Pros And Cons For Both Bralettes And Bras!

Bras or bralettes - Lottie Loves Luxe Blog

PRO’S Of A Bralette

-       Often Bralettes Are Wire Free

-       They Are Super Comfortable For Everyday Wear

-       Bralettes Can Be Worn With Fashion Over Function In Mind

-       They Offer Free Movement With The Use Of Stretch Fabrics

-       They Are Great For Customising An Outfit – E.G. They Look Great Under An Open Back Top Or Dress And Can Look Pretty When Worn Underneath A Sheer Blouse!

-       Bralettes Are Often Made Using Lace, Mesh Or Micro-Fiber

-       Often They Feature Pretty Straps, High Necks And Embroidered Detail. Great For Wearing Lingerie As Outerwear.

-       Several Cut And Design Options

CON’S Of A Bralette

-       Less Support

-       Less Structure In The Designs

-       Less Side Coverage – Especially In Triangle Bralettes

-       Typically Designed For A More Petite Bust

PRO’S Of A Bra

-       Bras Give Us A Great Lift & Are Brilliant For More Cleavage.

-       Bras Give Extra Support

-       Bras Often Work Well To Enhance Our Body Shape

-       Bras Are Often Smooth And Are Designed Using Neutral Colours, Which Are Available Widely To Work Well Under Workwear Or Dresses To Match Different Skin Tones.

-       Bras Ooze Sexiness, Especially When Wearing Them For That Special Someone.

-       Designed For All Shapes And Sizes And Have More Functionality To Suit The Wearer.

CON’S Of A Bra

-       If You Have A Special Bra That You Just Love…You Are More Than Likely Aware That They Can Become Worn, Which Is Very Upsetting.

-       Bras Do Lose Shape The More We Wear Them When Treated As An Everyday Item.

-       You Need To Be Extra Careful When Washing Bras, So That They Don’t Loose Shape.

-       As Our Bodies Change Bras Can Become Uncomfortable, Especially When They Use An Underwire.

-       Underwires Can Dig Into Areas Of Our Bodies, Which Can Irritate The Skin And Can Be Quite Painful The More We Wear Them. But, This Can Also Be Down To Not Having The Correct Fit. This Is Why Bra Fittings Are Super Important.

Chantelle Pyramide Bra - Lottie Loves Luxe

Well I Hope You Enjoyed A Little Read On This Blog Post And I Hope This Helps Those Of You Who Are A Little Skeptical Of The Bralette, To Maybe Give It A Try. Everyone’s Different And We Know What Works For Us, But I Must Say Comfort Is Becoming More Key To Help Us In Our Everyday Life, So I Went From Wearing Bras That Give Me Lift Everyday To Wearing Bralettes Pretty Much 80% Of My Week! I Now Save Bras For Those All Important Occasions!

Here Is One Of Our Favourite Bralettes, Available At Our Online Store…

Georgia Bralette - Lottie Loves Luxe


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Sending Lots Of Love To You All.
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