Lingerie Aftercare

Lingerie Is Expensive, But You Still Need To Follow The Correct Aftercare Procedures To Keep Your Garments Looking As Luxe.

Keep your garments looking LUXE...

This Is A Rule Of Thumb For Anything That Enters A Washing Machine. Don’t Mix Whites, With Reds, Or Dark Colours With Light Colours. We Don’t Want Any Disasters And You Want To Keep The Colours Fresh And As Bright As They First Appear.

Use Special Wash Bags Or A Pillowcase Will Do 

You Can Purchase These Easily On The High Street And They Will Prevent Your Garments Getting Caught On Other Clothing.

Don’t Panic Though, A Pillow Case Will Work Just As Well. Another Great Tip Is To Always Make Sure You Join Up The Hook And Eyes To Stop Any Snagging On Delicate Fabrics, Such As Lace.

Use A Gentle Washing Powder Or Liquid

Don’t Use Anything Too Harsh. Choose Washing Products That Are Specifically Designed For Delicate Items.

No To Softener

Softener Sounds Like A Great Idea! But, NO It Really Isn’t. Softener Can Remain In The Fibres Of Your Products, Whilst Reducing Elasticity And We Don’t Want That!

Delicate Cycles Are There For A Reason

Selecting A Delicate Cycle Of A Maximum Of 30° And A Spin Cycle Of Maximum Of 800rpm Will Help Keep Those Products Looking Forever Young.

Drying Your Garments

It’s Not All About The Washing, Its About The Drying Too. Do Not Tumble Dry, Dry Your Garments, Whilst Lying Flat.

Handwash Only Garments

Hand-Washing Your Garments Is The Best Option, But Be Sure To Wash Carefully.

When Garments Say Handwash Only, They Mean Handwash Only! So, Follow These Steps…

1. Place Your Item In Cold Water For Just A Few Minutes And Then Take The Garment Out To Avoid Fibres Becoming Damaged Or Softened.

2. To Remove Excess Water, Don’t Use A Twisting Action To Rinse Out Water. Instead Press Gently To Keep Elasticity.