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When life is busy, sometimes the last thing we want to think about is what we are going to cook for dinner? Am I right? Well, I know for a fact this is how I felt with my relationship with food before I discovered Gousto.
I was so used to going to the supermarket after work and just picking up the easiest possible meal choices, which would normally consist of a chicken kiev and fries, pasta and a jar of sauce or an oven pizza and don’t get me wrong, sometimes you fancy the simple things! But, to have these types of meals everyday is not ideal for our long-term health.
So…after speaking with my Sister who highly recommended Gousto to me, I decided to get out of that comfort zone and trial my first box, which was about two years ago, I’ve not looked back since. I can now quite happily say that I am a rather good cook and the best thing about Gousto is that the recipe cards are easy to follow and two years on, the now offer even more menu options than previously. So, if you are lacking inspiration in the kitchen, now’s your time to order your first trial box. Believe me now’s the time!
So, what 10 things do I love the most about Gousto?
1.       It’s super convenient!!! If you are out and about at meetings all day or work until late, you can arrive home to your Gousto box, which they will happily leave in your safe place. Everything is also kept cool with the refrigerated packaging and Ice packs.
2.      The variation of meals & fresh ingredients… Meals change weekly, you will never get bored and all ingredient’s sourced are super fresh.
3.       Easy to follow recipes – Recipes are easy to follow and you even get sent a fantastic recipe binder to keep all of your favourite recipe cards stored away.
4.       The Gousto App – Gousto recently launched their FREE App, which can be downloaded on to your phone or tablet, meaning you can access your menus in advance and select your meal choices, whilst on the go.
5.       10 Minute Meals – Yep, you got it! 10-minute meals for when you have limited time or maybe you just don’t want to try too hard after a tiring day. The 10-minute meals are also extremely healthy. From Chicken & Mushroom Stroganoff through to Singapore Paneer Noodles, you can still get creative in 10 minutes.
6.       Healthy Choices – Need some motivation to eat healthier then Gousto have introduced a variety of healthy options, including recipes from the amazing Joe Wicks and all meals tell you the exact calorie intake per 100g and per serving.
7.       Great Value for money – For just 4 meals for 2 people it costs £34.99, which is extremely reasonable considering all ingredients are measured out perfectly and it saves me extra trips to the supermarket after a tough day at work.
8.       Adding Extras – Want to be naughty and treat yourself to dessert or a fancy bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal, then Gousto are well prepared with their extras, which can be added to your weekly order.
9.      Gousto Introduces Charlie Bingham Meals – Don’t want to cook at all, but still want something tasty that just needs to be put in the oven for 30-40 minutes? Gousto have recently introduced Charlie Bingham Meals to the extras, including a lush lasagne for one or two, fish pie and Mac and cheese with pancetta.
10.   Excellent Customer Service – If there is an issue or a box hasn’t turned up, and let’s face it nothing is always perfect, the team at Gousto are on hand to get your issues resolved. It’s a 10 out of 10 from me form past experience.
I wanted to give Gousto a shout out as they have completely changed my love hate relationship with cooking and food. I now look forward to my evening meals and feel so much healthier for it too. Fancy giving Gousto a try then feel free to use my code to get 50% off your first box using the below at checkout…
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Anyway, that’s enough from me. You should totally give them a try!
Lots of Love Lottie

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