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I Have Always Suffered With My Skin, Since I Can Remember. I’ve Tried Everything And Anything To Rid Of The Dreaded Acne. The Dream Of Having A Beautiful Pimple Free Face Has Always Been A Dream, But I Mean Come On Who’s Skin Is That Perfect. Social Media Filters Seem To Have Become The Answer To These Problems, Unfortunately. But This Only Leads Us To A Sense Of False Perfection, But What Is Perfection? Perfection Is Never Perfection?

It’s Sad That We Strive To Be So Flawless And That Our Confidence Is Knocked, Regardless From Social Media. We Are All Guilty Of It… (Me Included) Getting The Right Angle For Your Instagram Pose (After 100 Photo Attempts), Slimming Down Our Faces To Define Our Jawlines Has Never Been So Easy, I Mean Are We Crazy? Just A Tad I’m Afraid! Me Too!

What Has The World Come To? But, Unfortunately, I’m Sad To Say I Think It’s Around To Stay For A While, Which Leads Me To Our Skin And I Just Wanted To Share With You My Discoveries. We’re All Entitled To A Little Spot Of Luxury, Mine Is My Skincare.

Normally I Go For Spa Facial Thinking, YES, I’m Going To Feel Like A Whole New Woman By The Time I Walk Out Of Those Spa Doors. Truth Is… I Do Walk Out Feeling Fresh Faced, Like I Can Tackle The World And Then The Next Day I Wake Up To More Spots Then I Walked Into The Spa With And Don’t Get Me Wrong Spas Are Amazing And Are A Great Place To Switch Off With No Technology Or Mobile Phones, Just A Good Book And A Tranquil Spot To Snooze… And I’m Sorted!

Here’s The Thing, Sensitive Skin Can Be A Nightmare And Sometimes Overdoing It Can Cause More Issues Than Sticking To Just One Simple Product!

Well I Have Discovered A Breakthrough That Works For Me, It’s Still Fancy And A Little Expensive At £25 For A 150ml Bottle At ASOS, Introducing The Elemis Superfood Cleansing Facial Wash. But, Add Up A Cleanser, Facewash, Exfoliator And Toner, Then You Will Spend Around The Same Amount On This One Awesome Product, Which Is All I Really Need. I Discovered This Little Bottle Of Magic When Going On A Spa Day To The Luxurious Hoar Cross Hall In Staffordshire Last Year. The Facewash Smelt Fresh, Natural And Was Truly Calming On My Skin, Giving My Skin The Boost, It Had Been Seriously Lacking!

I’ve Now Been Using The Facewash For About 12 Months, Giving Me Plenty Of Time To Review The Results! Now I’m Not Looking Back! This Is My Secret Weapon.

So How Does The Elemis Superfood Cleansing Wash Work, You May Ask…

The Wash Is Simple To Use And Will Last You Ages…This Cleansing Wash Provides You With A Deep Cleanse, Nourishing The Skin Leaving It Feeling Refreshed. The Wash Has Been Formulated Using Nutrient-Dense Superfoods, Including Avocado, Broccoli And Pumpkin Seed Oils, Which Help To Balance The Skin, Whilst Wheatgrass, Kale And Nettle, Provide A Luminous, Bright And Radiant Complexion, So You Can Get The Glow, As Well As The Benefits Of All The Added Goodness.

All You Need To Do Is Squeeze A Small Amount Into Your Palms And Massage Into The Skin, Use Water To Create A Lather And Rinse. Use The Wash Once In The Morning And Once In The Evening Before Moisturising.

It’s As Simple As That And This Is Highly Recommended For Anyone Who Suffers With Sensitive Skin. If Your Struggling To Find Something To Suit Your Skin, This Is Definitely Worth A Try!

Lots Of Love



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